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The Art of Reading #1: The Wall

I started this series of sketches about people reading newspapers in my main blog some weeks ago, but as I decided to present all my paintings concerning people here, it is where they belong now.

It really fascinating to watch at them. To start with some of the papers are so gigantic that the people’s arms and hands seem to grow accordingly! So if you think, looking at this first sketch, that I don’t know the natural length of arms, you are wrong. Look at people reading newspaper, and you will see: their arms are suddenly made of elastic stuff!

What amazes me sometimes is when people come together to a Cafe, and one starts reading, holding the newspaper between him/her and friends. I find that incredibly impolite and careless!

This is by the way my nightmare picture of a couple: sitting at breakfast, the man reading newspaper, and holding it between him and her in a way that they can’t see each other. Like a wall, kind of. And in fact I guess it is really meant as a wall, consciously or not!

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