Artistically Yours… by the French artist Miki

The Children from Tahiti 01 – Very Young Maori Warrior

Young Maori Warrior from Polynesia - by Miki

Pastel and Colour Pencils on Grey Fine Art Paper.

My brother lives in Tahiti. He was having a big career in the French army,  luckily not at the front, but in the background teaching logistics (in normal words: how to make the most successful wars, highly secrete stuff like that.) to high ranged officers,  and also to bosses of big companies, as in fact, the methods to success are not that different, wherever it is.

Anyway he had dreamt all his adult life to buy a sailing boat and to sail around the world for the rest of his life. In my family we take it quite seriously with our dreams, so one day he.bought a boat, gave every thing up, including the wife and sailed away on his love;y one-man boat called “Atalante Fugitive” (“Escaping Atalante”, Atalante being a mythology figure). Well, he happily sailed for a year or so, part of it with me, then arrived in Tahiti and found it so great that he decoded to stay there!

He kept living on his boat for may years, but then he met a woman, and she was sea sick on the boat that they had to sell it, about one year ago.

And what hat that all to do with my portraits painting? Well, many years ago, he told me that the children in Tahiti are incredibly beautiful, most of the time as a result of the many interacting races there: Polynesian, Chinese, White, Black, Blue… so I simply decided to make a series called The Children from Tahiti. I will present some of them in this blog.

One of the first I did was This young Maori Warrior. i was fascinated by the seriousness, determination  and combativity on his face.. so young and so ready to fight! Well, to tell the truth, even younger i was fighting like mad with the little and big boys in my street and school!. Must have some Maori blood…  :-)

This painting is available as well as original, but also as Giclee print, in different sizes and different formats, in my FAA Gallery:


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