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People from Serpa in Portugal

Serpa 15 2009 S

After I had spent 2 or 3 days in Serpa sketching all kind of buildings, I got quite bored, and needed to sketch something else. This is why, on the 7th of July (2009), I sat with kevin at a cafe outside, and made sketches of the people sitting there. I liked the faces I saw, and had quite a nice time doing that. As always my sketches tend to be caricatures, I just can’t help it… but I swear that I have warm and sympathetic feelings towards all these people I sketch, my intention is really not to make them look silly or ridiculous or whatever negative… I am sorry if some recognise themselves (what i doubt in fcat as I am not really searching for a good likeness) and feel offended… :-)

Serpa 16 2009 S


Serpa 19 2009 S********

Serpa 20 2009 S********

These are some of the people I sketched that day. if you wnat to see more, go please to my Flickr account

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The Art of Reading # 4 : Gone with The Wind

I don’t know about you, but I am a very undisciplined newspaper reader. When I read a newspaper, – what, I confess, I seldom do, above all because I don’t want my happiness to be spoiled by all the bad news… I know, I know, very immature and egotistical!- it is simply a fight. It is really not easy, for a tiny creature such as I, to cope with it: hold the vast billowing pages, fold them properly, keep them in the right order, etc. It’s like an Origami class. The result being that I have pages all over and the bigger the paper, the bigger the mess!

The situation escalates dramatically when I try to read a newspaper sitting by the beach, where the wind is usually blowing. And I am not the only one fighting against the elements. I saw this woman the other day as I was sketching in a cafe by the beach, it was simply hilarious. She had not the slightest idea how to keep all the pages in her hands, they literally flew all over the place! And you won’t believe what I also saw: one even made it out to sea and a boat snapped it up, took the wind and sailed off with it!

PS: I think this is a problem which we women have. When I watch men reading newspapers, they are normally much more disciplined, and in fact they don’t like it at all when the pages get in the wrong order or the crises are in the wrong place…

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She loves My Man’s Feet, the Bitch!

Something very funny happened to us the other day as we were sitting at Cafe Masko. I was sketching people, like always, and Kevin was reading. I vaguely noticed a woman going from table to table, distributing leaflets and explaining something, but I was much too concentrated in my work to be able to listen what it was all about. But I noticed that she avoided coming to our table.
Just before she left, I saw her standing not far away, observing us, She could not see that I was observing her myself, from behind my sunglasses. Suddenly she took the decision and approached our table:
„Hello, darling!”

she said to me,
I am always quite upset when people interrupt me while I am sketching, but well, I guess they don’t realise that, in a way, they’re invading my workplace! And well, I never could get used to strangers calling me “Darling”… I hate it in fact, even if Kevin explains to me every time, that it does not mean anything. At the beginning when we met, he used to call some women “darling” himself, and I went bananas! The darlings are gone now, although sometimes the even worse “Hi, Love”” escapes from his mouth…
Anyway… after this ceremonial greeting the woman started reading from a leaflet which looked like the dead sea scrolls…
“Complete care for hands and feet
Manicure and varnish
Luxury manicure and varnish
Full set nail extension
Nail art…”
I really tried to stay polite and patient. But as I heard the word “art”, I simply lost it! You need to know, I don’t care for my nails, and even less than other people care for them, it is simply not my thing. And anyway I wanted to go on sketching, seeing that my model was about to leave. Suddenly, in an instant of genial inspiration, I took the paper from her hand, handed it to Kevin and said:
“Look, this is more something for him!”

(and in fact it is!)

The woman was shocked to stony silence for a long while, her sales rhythm interrupted. She had surely not planned for this scenario, frozen, with an open mouth, and eyes wandering back and forth from me to Kevin. But eventually, she recovered her words:

“Oh great, I love mens feet!”

And she started to tell Kevin that he should come to her and she would care for his feet. My desire to sketch had disappeared in an instant!

“Hey, wait a moment… let me have a look at you, to see if I really can trust you with my Kevin’s feet!”

Yet again, she was rocked back on her heels, and I really started to look at her, to ensure if she was ugly enough to care for my Kevin’s feet. She was.

“Yes, I guess I can…”

“Of course you can, He will love it!”

At that moment, I lost the will to live, and just sat there depressed, while she read the whole anti ageing recipe to Kevin. And as she left, she said to him:

“Bye, love, see you soon!”


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The Art of Reading #3 : A Literate Tattoo

When you observe people reading their newspapers, above all, I guess, when they sit in a public place like our Cafe Masko, you really can see that the whole personality is involved in this act. Not only the hands which hold the paper, but also the body , the head, the hair, the lips, etc.

Even the tattoo seems “to lend an eye”!

To be honest, just by looking at the way this guy is reading, I know that he could not be my friend. You might think that I judge too quickly, but this attitude says so much about his character, I find. I would be really interested to know what YOU think he is inside, when you look at my sketch. It would be great if you could tell me in your comments…

Anyway, he was a great model for me, and I am thankful for it!


I speak and read French, German, English, Spanish, and understand some others too…

so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or to contact me in your own language!

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Selfportrait #2: Am I rock’n roll?

Since I met Kev Moore, my life has changed totally: I AM HAPPY!

Totally happy.

There is just one thing which bothers me a little bit, but really, just a little bit. As you can imagine when you look at him, he loves long hair. He finds it rock’n roll. Now, I have quite wild hair and I could never tame it, and neither could the hairdressers from all around the world. This is the reason why I used to keep it not too long before I met Kevin. But now, he has forbidden me to cut it.

And now, because I am so happy, my body is happy too, and my hair is growing longer and wilder than ever. Most of the time, I keep it hidden under a golf hat when I go out, but well, at home it is different, and above all Kevin wants to see it sometimes, so I have to free it.

Just when he is away, gigging somewhere, like this weekend, I can’t stand this hair everywhere any more and I find I am forced to do something. Unfortunately I have nothing at home in the way of hair accessories which women normally have to help them. But this weekend, I had the fantastic idea to use these things one uses to hang wet clothes on a line (help, how are they called in English?) to tie my hair!

I wonder what Kevin will say when he sees my new look… will he find it rock’n roll?

Ah, by the way, there is something else which has changed since I met him:

I always wear his big Rock T-Shirts when I paint, and I love it!!

Well, to tell the whole truth, I alternate them with my Dad’s shirts, which are even bigger…

(not in the length, in the width!)


I speak and read French, German, English, Spanish, and understand some others too…

so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or to contact me in your own language!

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The Art of Doing Nothing #1

Where I live (South of Spain) it is an Art in which 90% of the population excel!

There are 1000 ways of doing nothing here, but most of the time, you can be sure that a glass of beer or sangria is involved!


I speak and read French, German, English, Spanish, and understand some others too…

so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or to contact me in your own language!

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The Art of Eating #1: Donuts!

Yes, it is always a big pleasure for me, as a painter and a student of human nature, to watch people eating. If you haven’t already, pay attention to it in the future. There are millions of different ways to hold a fork and a knife, and each way says more about the eater than a mirror…

But I will start this series with something very basic to eat, where you don’t even need a fork and knife to eat it, (except of course if you belong to the aristocracy or are from the precious kind); Donuts!

In Cafe Masko, which I presented to you some days ago, they serve the cafe con leche with delicious tiny donuts. It is an incredible pleasure to eat them, but even more to watch people eating them. Generally the women are specialists in holding them very daintily from the top of their long fingers, and eat them slowly and elegantly, tiny crumb by tiny crumb, their heads turned absently to the horizon. The men, generally, search for the shortest way between their mouth and the fingers holding the donuts, and their eyes are fixed to the donuts, cross-eyed, when they eat them. And they need a maximum of 2 bites to be finished with them.

But the most extraordinary donut eater I have ever seen is my Kevin. And when I say “seen”, I should better say “not seen”! I can’t even show it to you because he is so fast that I never have time to see him eating his donut. A little bit like Lucky Luke, you know, that guy who shot faster than his shadow.

As you can imagine, the man on the sketch had already finished his donut and was coveting the woman’s one. This is why his face is green with envy. While I was drawing there, I was wondering if he was planing an attack…

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The Art of Smoking #1

I cannot help: I find a smoking hand very aesthetic! And there are so many different ways to hold a cigarette, which is the reason why I start this series of sketches, a part of the more general series:

“The Arts of Everyday Life”

Hands are anyway a wonder of natural technique, with so many freedom parameters. No wonder that the everyday tasks which they have to accomplish can be so different from one hand to the other. But exactly these parameters are the reason why hands are so difficult to draw…

Please don’t look too exactly at my hands, they are only meant as a quick impression of the gesture. I have anyway most of the time only 1 second to catch them in one position!

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Miki @ Masko

I just wanted to show you where I regularly make my people sketching here in Mojacar (Spain):

Cafe Masko!

For the ones who are already here or plan to come here, I can only recommend the place: the cafe con leche is fantastico, as well as the little donuts which they serve with it! And if you have a great face, this is one more reason to come: I need you there!!!

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The Art of Reading #2: Little Fat Hands

As I saw this woman reading her newspaper, I was totally fascinated by her little fat hands and arms, especially by her wrists, in this case only a line between arm and hand. This kind of transitions between different parts of the body can be very thankful to draw and make the charm of the whole drawing… look at baby wrists or ankles and you will understand what I mean… it is so touching some how. By this woman here, too… and strange enough, the way she holds the newspaper makes even think then her fingers are too small

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