Artistically Yours… by the French artist Miki

The Art of Being Men and Women

It was last Saturday afternoon ( 31st of May 2008 ) in a little town called Castro Marim, in Portugal, by the Spanish border. I was sitting in our motorhome, sketching some typical houses, as I saw these men standing in the middle of the road. It had started with one, then another one had joined, then the biker had stopped and finally, as I started to sketch, the fourth one (on the left) joined the group.
One hour later, the four men were still standing there, with at least 10 others, all gathered around the biker. All men. No one woman around..
I saw a lot of women the next morning, in groups too, not standing around, but hurrying to a mysterious place, each with a vase of flowers in their hands.
And don’t tell me that this is an accident… we, men and women, are still SO different!!!

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